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Cebu Bohol Adventure: A legit travelling agency (their history story).

Cebu Bohol Adventure, a friendly traveling agency that caters you to wonderful destinations. But behind our smiles and success, there’s a man who put his everything, sacrificed a lot and made us what we are today.

Our history is tragic, emotional, and full of tears and broken hearts. Cebu Bohol Adventure Company today or what they are today is because of the determination of a one-man named Ely Boy Sumaya, the running president of the Cebu Bohol adventure and the ES-HAPPY TOURS. He was just an ordinary man, driving a taxi cab as a living before he founded his own company. But believe it or not, Cebu bohol adventure and ES-HAPPY TOURS were not his first founding companies founded. Before he established the CBA, Kuya Ely or Eli went through a lot of depression and tears because of failures and betrayals he not just once experienced but thrice.

During early 2000s Kuya Eli was already driving a taxi cab, of course, that was his cab because he was not able to buy one for himself. For years of driving a cab, he learned and earned a lot of things about life and about businesses.

On one sunny Day in Cebu, Kuya Eli met a Korean man, who changed his perspectives in life. They had a little chit-chat and the man liked him that much so he took Kuya Eli’s phone number. For several days, that Korean man became his regular customer on a regular basis, including his friends. He would phoned Kuya Eli and would book a ride for him and his friends.  On the other hand, Kuya Eli realized a lot of things. There was this light bulb moment he had on one of those days. That was when the idea of Travel and tours enter in the mind of Kuya Eli.

Kuya Eli was natural on both the outside and inside. Some would say that he’s a nice and a humble man. He loves to talk and people would find it very entertaining. Kuya Eli was always smiling which I believe that made him very approachable to everyone. His regular customers became his close friends. But there was an incident happened that made him kicked out of that certain taxi company he was first in. But he never gave up. For the second time, Kuya Eli entered to another taxi company and applied as again, a driver.

Throughout the years he was with that company, Kuya Eli made sure that he should pay his cab rental every day to keep him in the company. But he’s against all odds. One day he just heard a news that he’s kicked out again. And for what reason? We’ll the company never received any of his payments. So he confronted this big fat lady, who was responsible for the records of his payment. But there’s none that was ever recorded. But later, the lady admitted only to him that she was not able to forward his payment because she spent it on some things personally. But no matter how he explains it to the head of the taxi company, there’s no way, he’s kicked out already and they will never have him back.

Devastated he was, he went back to his beautiful hometown to relax his mind and heart. There he met his first ever co-founder who had brought his hopes up. It was a hotel manager, an ideal for such business. Together, they rented a van that would cost 24k per month and they would divide the payment into the half at the end of the month. During the first months, they would receive an income of 60k a month. Later, they argued because of not equal sharing of the income but that was settled right away.

The business grew and the demand from the customers increased as well. Kuya Eli was the happiest so they both decided to rent another unit of a van. During this moment the business became hectic and busy and it was time to Kuya Eli to let his partner manage the customer’s accommodation and to let himself focus on marketing. That was then the time when he noticed the business’ acceleration were stagnant and was slowly on decreasing percent percent. He believed that it was so illogical. They had many cars, many customers but low on income and sometimes nothing, no income at all? How is that possible? That didn’t sound right.

He then decided to leave the business, but if he would do that immediately, how could he accommodate all customers who’re relying on him since he had no cars and the one renting the vans for the business was his partner since he had no papers to show that he was eligible. Kuya Eli didn’t graduate any degree or had a big-time job. He was just an ordinary man striving for life. So he feared that he’d lost all his customers too.

Then he found his second partner, an engineer. This time they together bought an auto car but the sad thing was, it was under his partner’s name. Plus his partner had his own cars ready to be used for car rentals. So the two made a gentlemen’s agreement. Kuya Eli was lucky in this kind of business. The demand grew and so was the business. And it was again, too much for him to handle the business solely, so he made his partner manage the business and focus himself on marketing again. But as a lesson from his past experience, he required him to report every month for them to know the spending and the incomes. Until such time that he would not declare the incomes anymore and there was no money that was deposited on their shared bank account for the past few months. He wouldn’t see them anymore in every meeting. He had him every alibi ready.

To end everything Kuya Eli and his wife decided to sell their share by a certain amount but was never paid fully until today.

Kuya Eli returned to his hometown after of such happenings in his life and for the third time, he found his third partner an IT man. He knew the story of Kuya Eli. In fact, he was a relative. He knew too well that Kuya Eli was good in business so he offered himself to take it to the next level. This time Kuya Eli’s wife, a policewoman, was included in the business.

Kuya Eli explained the platform and the flow of the business to give this IT man an idea. So they created a website for travel and tours (note: Until today these three businesses that Kuya Eli established are still on the run, we won’t name them to avoid any problems). But to make the story short, for the third time he was again, deceived. Kuya Eli had cars this time so that IT man was responsible for marketing online and was supposed to forward the customers who booked online to him. But then later, Kuya Eli found out that they bought their own cars for them not forward any clients to them anymore.

But despite happened to him, Kuya Eli never gave up. Thanks to his supportive and loving wife who never left despite all the failures in life.

On November 2016, the desperate couple posted on BID FOR ME DUMAGUETE that they were looking for an IT man. On the other hand, Gene Ray Medel, a self-taught computer programmer, was praying for a new job since he left his old job in Manila and went home in Negros.

The post was seen by a family relative of Gene and immediately delivered the message to him. He then called the number that was given and according to Gene, he won’t forget Ate Rosa’s first words, “TABANGI KAMI BI” (Help us please). Ate Rosa told Gene the sad story and the two both agreed to meet in person.

The meeting happened few days after in a MAFIOSO CAFÉ in Dumaguete. It went nicely and Gene explained things that could be needed for the start-up business and that includes a website And ate Rosa told that they’re willing to provide any.

The business was launched on December and they struggled at the beginning. But through their work and determination, both of them now harvests what they’d sowed.

Kuya Eli manages the car rentals and is the one who accommodates the tourists while his wife, Rosa, entertains the customers online. Gene does the marketing, SEO and making the website stable and well-functioning.

Today, the booking on their website alone is almost 20k a month, not to mention outside the website booking and their car rentals. Kuya Eli today has now over 23 cars, though some are still rents. Their likes on Facebook are almost a thousand and have over 400 followers on Instagram. They also top on google.

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