Cebu City tour

TP08 - TWIN CITY TOUR (Cebu City and Mactan)

Cebu City tour


Cebu City & Mactan Island

Cebu City the “Queen City of the South” here in the Philippines, explore with us in Cebu City tour to the Oldest City in the Philippines and also has the oldest street, Colon Street. Cebuano is also the first Filipino language as documented by Pigafetta. Cebu has definitely one of the most diverse day tours I have tried before. Whether you love something historical, or a little bit into nature, Cebu has some of that and more!

Cebu City tour let you know, see & experience the rich history of Cebu City dating back to the 1500’s when Antonio Pigafetta documented Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition that resulted in the first circumnavigation of the world. But Magellan expedition stopped because he met his death in the battle of Mactan Cebu on April 27, 1521 at the hands of Datu Lapu-Lapu.

Cebu City tour will tour you to Cebu City’s historical landmarks such as Magellan’s Cross, Santo Nino Basilica and Museum, Casa Gorordo, Taoist Temple, and Fort San Pedro. In Mactan Island, visit the historic Mactan Shrine, a guitar factory. This Cebu City tour is indeed one of the most fun and popular things to do when you are visiting a new place/ city and Cebu City tour gives you those. Cebu has definitely one of the most diverse day tours. Whether you love something historical, or a little bit into nature, Cebu has some of that and more

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Inclusions to this Package:
  • Air-conditioned vehicle with free driver and fuel
  • Entrances to all itineraries
  • Buffet lunch at the Famous Joven’s Grill and Seafood (if preferred with lunch)
  • -tour guide (upon request)

Pick up and drop off to and from hotel in Mactan or Cebu City

Basic City Tour Destination

– San Diego Yap House
– Basilica del Sto Niño Church
– Magellan’s Cross
– Casa Gorordo
– Taoist Temple
– Temple of Leah
– Mactan Shrine
– Guitar Factories
– Sirao Flower Farm
– 10k Roses

Tour Time

There is no fixed pick up time of this package, it depends on you but take note that other itineraries will close at 5:00pm.


Note: Maximum use of 8-10 hour for the whole duration, if it exceeds, there’s an add-on of  300 per hour.

Children / Kids Pricing
No. of Person's and Rate w/ lunch at JOVEN’S Grill & Seafood
No. of Person's and Rate w/o free lunch

Some of the places you will be visited in Cebu City tour. Some are Old and others are pretty new. It’s always a great experience to see how a city evolved through time, don’t you think?

The Fort San Pedro – is an old military defense structure in the Cebu. It served as a military garrison and a stronghold under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Today, the Fort has been preserved as a museum with photos of old Cebu, artifacts and documented write-ups of the fort’s history. Fort San Pedro walls at the entrance are filled with photos and documentaries. Cebu City tour let you step this fort and you can overview of the fort’s history. Admittedly, Fort San Pedro is not that spacious and it is actually the oldest and the smallest fort in the Philippines.

Magellan’s Cross – You can’t really say that you’ve been to Cebu without a tour in Magellan’s Cross near the St. Nino Shrine. It’s a landmark in the city that has a significant meaning to the people of Cebu. Magellan’s cross serves as a symbol of the native’s accepting Ferdinand Magellan and his men arrived in the island in 1521. The original cross is said to be encased on a tindola wood for protection not only from the weather but also from some patrons who tried to chip away some parts of the cross for souvenirs.

Sto. Nino Church – known as the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino is an architecture marvel that you should visit. It should be noted that the Philippines is a country where the majority of its people are Catholic. Thus a visit to some of its church within the archipelago is usually included in any itinerary.

Taoist Temple – in Beverly Hills, the taoist temple is a multi-tiered temple that serves as the center of Taoism in the city. Despite that, it is open to non-worshipers to. The structure in itself is worth a visit not to mention the amazing views of the city that you can see. Cebu City tour reminds that the Taoist Temple is a place of worship, so proper behavior should be maintained.

Sirao Flower Farm – There are 2 Sirao Flower Farms. Both on the process of developing their landscape. The flowers are indeed instagrammable if caught with the right angle. Some months when everything is in full bloom, this will be a great place to visit.

Temple of Leah – in Brgy Busay is seen the statue of the Grandmother of Ellen Adarna, a well known TV personality and If you are into an architecture, then the Temple of Leah should be in your Cebu City tour itinerary. It’s an elaborate Roman-style structure built by Teodorico Soriano Adarna in honor of his wife, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. You could say it’s a symbol of love like the Taj Mahal in India.

Lapu-Lapu Shrine – in Mactan has numerous resorts found there, Mactan is also popular because of the history that it represents in the region. This is where Lapu-Lapu, a native leader, was able to defend his island from the Spaniards led by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in what we call as the Battle of Mactan in 1521. It is a 66 ft bronze statue has been erected here in honor of Lapu-Lapu.

10,000 Roses – To be honest, it is just a café near the beach. But what is really spectacular about the place are the 10,000 white roses at the entrance. You’ll be rewarded with the cool view of the white roses lighting up the area if you wait for the night/ dusk.

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