Canyoneering Cebu

TP07 - Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls Day Tour Package

Canyoneering Cebu

Kawasan Falls

Canyoneering Cebu – The Kanlaob River or Matutinao River was discovered by the locals of Matutinao, Badian and Compostela, Alegria in Cebu Island. Around 2001, a group of adventurous foreigners who stayed in Moalboal and want an a more exploration of the mountains in Brgy. Matutinao where the gorgeous Kawasan Falls located. They want to have more activities to their scuba diving visitors as scuba diving is popular in Maolboal for it’s sea corals & school of fish. Badian Canyoneering Cebu or Cebu Canyoneering introduced by these foreigners together with the local residents. They were among the first who introduced the activity and they called it canyoning or canyoneering.  Canyoning or canyoneering (in US) is a popular outdoor trek that involves traveling down creeks or streams within a canyon through variety of means including walking, jumping, swimming, climbing, abseiling. In Wikipedia, means “it’s traveling in a canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activity such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming”.  There are two types of canyoneering, we can do it upstream or downstream. The downstream canyoneering will start at Brgy. Sulsogan, Badian and end up to Kawasan Falls. On the other hand, upstream canyoneering start at Kawasan Falls in which we will bring ropes in order for you to climb up to a several waterfalls and end up at Brgy. Sulsogan, Badian.

Canyoneering Cebu or Badian Canyoneering is a fun adventure for everybody. In Cebu, this tour becomes extremely popular after it was featured at the TV show “Biyahe ni Drew” and was rated as one of the most exciting adventure trips in the Philippines.

Cebu Canyoning will start at Canlaob river downstream going to Kawasan falls. All tourist is accompanied with local accredited guides.

The Philippines undeniably hosts some of the most beautiful waterfalls and shades of H20 in the world, or that i’ve ever witnessed anyway.

Luckily for us travellers, there is also plenty of opportunity to deep into these waters and into the adventures that they provide. Canyoneering is one way you can get up close and personal with these gorgeous landscapes and one of the most popular places to do it is in a little town called Badian, home to Kawasan Falls.

Here in Badian there is a jungle trail whereby, with a professional guide. Our Cebu Canyoneering let you encounter over 10km of hopping, skipping, jumping, swinging, scrambling and swimming through the turquoise gatorade like waters. All the way to the gold at the end of the rainbow. Your Cebu canyoneering adventure in Badian will be your favourite memories in the Philippines.

See our Rates & Packages :
Package Inclusions
  • Venue Entrance Fees
  • Air-conditioned Transportation (Innova for less than 7 pax and Hi-Ace Commuter/Grandia for 7 – 12 pax)
  • Motorbike ride to jump off point
  • Use of Canyoneering Gears (Life Jacket, Helmet, Waterproof bag and shoes)
  • Canyoneering guide fees
  • Canyoneering Venue and Kawasan Falls entrance fees
  • Recovery meal after canyoneering (set meal)
  • Bamboo Rafting at Kawasan Falls (Free for 4 pax and up)
Package Exclusions
  • Underwater Camera (You can rent from the locals there if you don’t have one)
  • Meals (Breakfast, Snacks,Lunch) except recovery meal after canyoneering adventure
  • Bamboo Raft Rental (Php 300.00) in Kawasan Falls
  • Cottage/Table (Php 300.00) in Kawasan Falls
Recommended Itinerary

Recommended pick up time from Cebu City or Lapu-lapu City between 4:00 AM to 6:00AM

5:00 AM – Pick up and departure time from Hotel

7:30 AM – Arrival at Badian then Breakfast (not included in package)

8:15 AM – Motorbike to jump off point

12:00 NN – End of canyoneering at Kawasan falls

12:00 NN to 1:30 PM – Lunch and cool off (not included in package – you can order food in kawasan falls)

1:45 PM – Depart from Badian

4:30 PM – Arrival in Metro Cebu

*Tour duration is maximum for 10 hrs. In case you want to have side trip (upon arrival in Cebu City), we charge P 300.00/hr.

No. of Person's and Prices
Children / Kids Pricing
Add-on Fees


  1. Less P1,500/head for those who don’t want to canyoneering and directly go to kawasan falls

Add-on Fee:

  • If you want to use bamboo raft = P600
  • If you want to use bamboo shed = P300

*All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Checklist in Canyoning
  • Must be 12 years old and above
  • Knows how to swim
  • Bring extra shorts and shirts
  • Sandals or boots
  • Extra bottled water
  • Travel insurance

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