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TP09 - Pescador Island + Moalboal Sardines Run & Sea Turtle + Kawasan Falls

Moalboal Sardine Run

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Pescador Island Moalboal

Pescador Island Moalboal is an island in western coast of the island of Cebu in the Philippines located in the Tañon Strait. It is part of the municipality of Moalboal.

The island has its Spanish name with colonial heritage derived from the abundance of fish living on the surrounding coral reef. “pescador” translates from Spanish to “fisherman” because of the many fishermen that fish there. The rich marine life attracts foreign & local divers in nearby Panagsama.

Pescador island Moalboal reef is a sandy slope covered with soft coral from 5–10 metres followed by a wall covered with hard corals dropping down to about 40 metres. There is an open-top underwater cave nicknamed ‘the Cathedral’ can be found on the west side of the island. There is a lighthouse and access steps on the north and east sides.

The warm waters of the Philippines harbour a very rich marine life, with over 2,500 species of fish, and many of these are also found around Pescador island Moalboal, contributing to the island being so popular with recreational divers. A rather more unusual part of the Pescador island Moalboal biodiversity is the large school of sardines that have made the relative sanctuary of the reef its home. After an earthquake in February 2012, the school left the island, affecting the population of larger predatory fish. However, in May 2013 the school returned and so did the bigger fish. Sightings of sharks have also been reported.

As Pescador Island Moalboal is a marine park, dive shops are required to pay a fee for each diver they bring to the island. Proceeds from entrance fees are managed by the Municipality of Moalboal and Moalboal Dive Center Association (MDCA) towards the finance of a number of conservation programs in the municipality. These programs include patrols and enforcement to abolish destructive fishing, village improvement programs, collection and disposal of plastic and other wastes entering the local waters, marine conservation education of village children and adults, and reef and mangrove rehabilitation.

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Package inclusions
  • Private air-conditioned car transportation (good for 10 hours / 14 hours if Kawasan falls, excess is subject for additional fee per hour)
  • Pick up and drop off in hotel in Cebu City or Mactan
  • Private Boat for Pescador island sightseeing (3-4hours duration)
  • Life vest and snorkel
  • Boatman crew as guide in island sightseeing
  • Snorkeling and fish feeding in Pescador Island
  • Snorkeling in Marine Sanctuary with wide variety of Fish, Corals and Marine Turtles
  • Snorkeling with sardine run
  • Snorkeling with turtles at Talisay point
  • Dolphin watching (weather dependent and if sea is calm)
  • Swimming in Kawasan falls with local guide (if tour availed is with Kawasan falls trip)
Recommended Itinerary

5:00AM – Pick up hotel (breakfast on the way preferably take out)
7:30AM – Estimated arrival in Moalboal
8:00AM – Depart for Pescador Island
8:30AM – Snorkeling in Pescador island, swimming with sardine run and sea turtles
11:30AM – End of the tour, go to Kawasan falls
12:30 PM – Lunch (own expense) and swimming at Kawasan Falls
3:00PM – Departure back to city
7:00PM – Estimated return to Hotel

Above itinerary is just an estimated time, this might change depending on the traffic.

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Moalboal – is the most popular tourist destination in Cebu south due to its amazing marine life and pristine white sand beaches. One of the town main attraction is Pescador Island in Moalboal. It is one of the worlds best diving site due to some of the most beautiful marine species.

Pescador island Moalboal hopping – tour will let you swim on crystal clear waters, see unique corals & engaged in different marine species . This tour also includes swim with the turtles and sardines run. 

You can dive all you want and taste the thrill and awesome beauty of the islands in this tour.

Our Cebu Tour Packages to Pescador Island Moalboal gives you the magic blue environment engulfs the current and waves moving in the reef, the sound made by colorful parrot fish when they eat hard corals and the barracudas will disappear in the big blue exploring the colorful reef, finding many different kind of reef fish, like lion fish, bat fish, sea cucumbers and so on.

Moalboal is a fourth income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. Extending as a peninsula on the south-western tip of Cebu, Moalboal is bordered to the west by the Tañon Strait. From the western shoreline, Negros Island can be seen. Moalboal is between the towns of Alcantara and Badian. From the bridge located in Moalboal town can be seen the popular tourist attraction, Pescador Island Moalboal.

Moalboal is the most popular tourist destination in Cebu south due to its amazing marine life and pristine white sand beaches. One of the town main attraction is Pescador Island, which is considered a world-class dive site due to protected corals and marine species.

Your Pescador island, Moalboal tour hopping will let you swim and see beautiful corals, sea fans, a frog fish, and a school of jacks. This trip also includes swim with the turtles and sardines run near Panagsama and Basdaku White Beach.

Moalboal is a known tourist destination because of its amazing marine life and beautiful white sand beaches. Pescador Island in Moalboal is considered a paradise for divers because of its beautiful corals and different marine species.

Around 10 to 15 minutes from the shores of Panagsama beach is the island of Pescador. It is a small island that no one resides. This island is where the main diving spot is. The best way to see the island’s marine life is by scuba diving since there are fewer corals and small fishes only are seen by just snorkeling.

Moalboal is really blessed with a rich marine life, I haven’t explored much of the town, but I’m sure it has more to offer

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