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The Dancing waves of Apo Island (YOU MUST READ THIS)

Apo island sea turtle 2018-7


Apo Island 2018-1
Apo Island

It was a sudden trip. All I remember was the laughter we shared and how amazing that trip was. Summer’s getting nearer in the Philippines again and it’s so nostalgic that before everything came to reality I had the same anticipation for that summer to do. Before that trip happened my friend was so happy finding out I was okay after all the examination I have been through. I was a bit feeling ill that day so we spent the whole day at the hospital. Later that day, after the doctor had pronounced that I was actually okay, he bursted into such happiness and uttered: “We need to do some celebrations.” And then the next thing I knew was, he’s packing things already. By the next morning he picked me at my apartelle together with his good neighbor who will be taking us to our destination. Little did I knew that we’re not actually going alone but rather mixed with other tourists from China and Sweden. It was pretty awkward because everyone was speaking in different languages. But all I am sure was, everyone was excited to experience new adventure that that island will bring. I do not have any idea about the island nor about its history. All I know was a lot people wants to visit the island so badly. To avoid awkwardness, I made a small talk with the Chinese people but unfortunately only one of them could really understand English. The Swedish couple are too far from me so there’s no way for me to have their attention.

Without noticing, we already arrived at the port of Malatapay where we’ll be riding a boat towards the island.

Apo island sea turtle 2018-2
Apo island with friends

While we’re waiting for the boat to get us, I took some pictures around while my friend was having small talks with Swedish couple. Since Chinese people could not understand him, sign language was used instead. But not totally the right sign language of course, it was just for the purpose of communication in the group.

Finally the boat arrived to get us and before we aboard, smiles can be seen on everyone’s faces. As we climb on the boat one of the guys took our stuffs away. At first I wonder why? They also warned us to keep our gadgets safe and be sure that are kept but then they decided to take it too. Hesitations were on us. Of course we want to capture the moment but they won’t let us? But then, without another word we gave it all to them. Except for my friend for he really insisted to keep it by himself.

So everyone was on the boat. Before we go, they gave us life jackets and all were busy putting them on. 5 minutes later, engine started and we’re all good to go. The sea looked calm and seemed at peace so I thought there’s nothing to worry about. Not too far from the port the sea were in motion, going in different paces making those crazy big and small waves. As you look unto it, they are like dancing and dancing and dancing. And the most beautiful part was, try to imagine the Philippines’ type of boat. It has nothing to protect us whenever something ever happen, except the life jackets that we’re wearing but that’s not enough. So, no windshield or anything just a small boat enough for passengers to sit. So whenever the big waves hit us water went flashing unto our faces. You know the sea water is kind of salty right? And it’s very painful even just a small amount of it will get into our eyes. So in the middle of the ocean we’re screaming. The Chinese people were covering their faces, others were trying to make sure they won’t be thrown out. And I was in the front of the boat. The boat had nothing to protect me plus I was not wearing life jacket because I am too small for it. The life jacket won’t fit in me so I decided not to put them on. And while that was happening I regret of not putting it after all. But I can’t move or else I’ll be thrown out, I can’t even open my eyes because water keep flashing my on face. So there, I was hugging the pole, closing my eyes and scream as loud as I can.

10 minutes past and I notice that they are not screaming anymore they were actually laughing. They had fun. So I decided to slowly look back to see them. They were on the same position except that fear cannot be seen on their eyes and faces but rather enjoyment. As I was screaming, they were laughing. After that, I look around and realized that it was not actually scary at all. I’m sure the boat was designed for that waves and they have reinforcement to whatever may something happen. Then, I decided to take it as fun. And the faster we go the more exciting it was. For the rest of the minutes that we’re on the boat, screaming can’t be heard anymore. It was replace by laughter brought of happiness we felt.

After 30 minutes of breathe taking on the boat across the sea, we finally arrived in Apo Island. Same thing as always. My friend and I roamed the Island, the Swedish couple did their own stuffs too. They were diving together with the sea turtle and Chinese people were on their own crazy ways of having fun.

Apo island sea turtle 2018-3
Apo island sea turtle sanctuaryApo island sea turtle 2018-4

Apo Island white sand area

Apo island sea turtle 2018-5
Apo island amazing rocks curved by sea water


We met new friends, young ones and old ones. Locals and foreigners. But the most memorable moment was, how we laugh. That was a unique event in my life of how different people, different culture, different language cared and shared fun. We know we live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. Every individual is a normal traveler who are hungry for the next challenge. Let it be a freedom to express oneself. An expression of an adventurous soul. The world moves at a slower place more becoming rational place of bustling cities. Every story is unique. Every story has a golden meaning and every story must to be told. And this is the story how we unite the differences.

-Syrene Lawan

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