Valencia Pulang Bato Falls


Just a short drive away from Dumaguete City is the town of Valencia, also located in Negros Oriental. It only took us about 20 minutes to be prepared to have that jaw-dropping view of the place.

I and my mates have it in our itinerary to see the famous Pulang Bato. Much to our awe, the way going to that place is much much more amazing.

We took a van going to Valencia. During the first few minutes, we were anticipating of what Pulang Bato might look like – if the rocks would really be bloody red! By then, we were passing-by some houses typical of a rural area. Everyone’s excited to reach our destination. We were already seeing rivers with big rocks, but then those rocks were all in white and brown, so we kept on moving.

Oohlala! Who gets to see in the cities waterfalls by the wayside?! You will be able to see plenty there! We even stopped and have our pictures taken in one of the waterfalls. It was so cool! The droplets from the waterfalls were enough to cool down the summer heat. After some picture taking, we moved on. Not long before we reached our destination, we get to experience one of the most amazing experiences one could have.

From cool waterfalls by the wayside to smoking hot mountainside, literally! A naturally smoking mountainside! We stopped and immediately jumped out of the van again to get a closer look at the scene. Everyone concluded that the smoke was caused by the sulfur coming out of the rocks. Indeed, the smell of the place was that of sulfur. We already knew the smell of sulfur for we were not unfamiliar of it as everyone had already gone to Mambukal, one of the mountain resorts in Negros Occidental (I recommend you visit that place, too!) Back to the smoky mountain high; as every traveler would do, another picture taking was done in the place. We sure would not want to leave the place, but we have to travel on.

Finally, we are about to reach Pulang Bato. But we had one predicament. The driver of the van hesitated to cross the bridge with overflowing water caused by a river. Yes! Before we could reach Pulang Bato, we have to cross a cemented path with overflowing river.

As everyone was highly adventurous, we get to convince the driver that his van could pass by without being dragged by the riverflow. Hurray! We were able to safely get to Pulang Bato! It was indeed a beautiful place. Seeing the place “up close and personal” was twice the fun! For besides seeing the red rocks encompassing the view, the said place has two waterfalls. It was in fact also called the Twin Falls.

Everyone was excited to have a free massage on the gushing waters. But not me! The water was so cold! So I just took pictures for souvenirs.

A one cool trip was about to end, but on our way going back to Dumaguete, we just could not get enough of our amazement with the smoky mountain. We stopped-by again and loaded our cameras with pictures of that place.

Oh dear Valencia, we just couldn’t get enough of you! Surely, I would be back for more adventures in the place for there are plenty of nature ’s best I have yet to see in Valencia!

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