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Top 10 Cebuano Bisaya songs good to listen while traveling.

Top 10 Cebuano Bisaya songs cebu tour

My Top 10 Cebuano Songs you must listen while doing Cebu Tour.

Cebuanos are known for being unique and innovative in their own ways.

While having a Dumaguete-Cebu tour, I get to emerge with the cebuanos’ interesting & beautiful culture. Having a deeper feel of our Cebu experience, the driver played and made us listen to a Cebuano song. I find it cool that, unknowingly, I began to tap and hum to its tune. As a music lover myself, I cannot hold in my curiosity that I immediately googled the title of that Cebuano song.

Right after that Dumaguete-Cebu tour, I found myself searching for a few more Cebuano/Bisaya songs. And becoming more fond of the Cebuano songs, I get hooked listening to them for a while that I already made a separate playlist for them.

Here is the list of my top 10 Cebuano songs which you may enjoy listening to while traveling:

  1. “Duyog” by Jewel DelRio Villaflores

  1. “Balay ni Mayang” by Martina Sandiego

3. Papicture ko nimu, Gwapo.

4. Dodong Charing

5. Gikumot-kumot by Kanteen

6. Ang Tigulang

7. Pero Atik Ra by Jacqueline Chang 

8. “Bok Love” by Therese Villarante and Kurt Fick

9. “Sa Akong Heart” by Von Saw

      10. baboy sa silong

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