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Top 5 Cebu spots


Top 5 Cebu spots

                        How badly it is for me to explore the island of Cebu. I’ve been dreaming to be in a place where I can breathe, relax and let the wind take me away for a moment. We all have that one place in mind. A place where you think you’ll find inspiration or a chance just to be with yourself. Cebu is not a bad choice I think. People are just misunderstanding the place because natives there are speaking in a loud and hard way, and just like other people, you’ll get scared or what, but for me, I find it cool though they’re like nice gangsters yelling at each other. Nonetheless, they are great in everything. If you are following this site and was able to read our blog about their music, they’re great! Totally.


Some Filipino singers are native to Cebu including those have become legendary. People are not just great in Cebu but as well as the sceneries. Cebu has a very nice archipelago. Along with 7,107 islands in the Philippines, wonders in Cebu are everywhere. The Island raises its flag higher than other does. So let me tell you our top 5 Cebu spots.  For years of catering tourists and providing them good services, we figured out people would always and always choose these 5 places. Although not all of them are mentioned together one of them will ever be missing.

People, there are just coming and going. No days that these places are empty whether its schooldays, holidays or even busy days. Not just because they are popular on the internet but of course they brought much fun to tourists and locals. So here they are.



                        The holy place is commonly known by locals as “Birhen sa Simala church” and is located in the southern part of Cebu, which is known as the haven of natural sceneries. But the place is specifically situated in Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. Lots of devotees, believers, and visitors visit the place and some were indeed to witnessed miracles. Their testimonials sprawled out the country and made it popular. Rumor has it that there were times that the replica image of Virgin Mary was able to shed some bloody tears. And whether it maybe believers or nonbelievers, people never fail to visit the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist.

The Simala Church is not just famous for its miracles but also the architectural structure is in elegant style and real warmth. It is somewhat like inspired by those centuries-old Euro-Spanish churches and cathedrals way back then. It deserves to be in top 5 Cebu spots.




                         No one could ever express how wonderful it is. Like you’re in the middle of a majestic place full of mysteries. Imagine a tall wall, consider a hundred meters high with drizzling of cold water cascading downwards forming like fairy dust and perfectly falls into a shallow bluish pool. How spectacular it is and deserves to be in top 5 Cebu spots.




                       You can definitely enjoy a day or even spend the whole weekend vacation with your friends or family on the Island without getting bored. Hiking, deep sea diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, and biking are just some of the things you can do there. So, It deserves to be in top 5 Cebu spots.




                            The real voyage of discovery consists of not seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes. For just 130 kilometers from Cebu city, you will locate the beauty of nature at its best the “KAWASAN FALLS”. One of Cebu’s most promising rendezvous holds the three-stages of cascading clear turquoise water from the mountain in the midst of the jungle and the people’s choice for a perfect getaway destination. There are so many activities you can do in Kawasan. You are not just enjoying the nature but also you bonding with different people. Clearly, it is in top 5 Cebu spots. If you want to see Kawasan for yourself, go and click this link, Kawasana Falls.    




                               Anticipation had been mounting for us when we went there. Who would not? You’ll get to see the whale sharks up close. Isn’t that amazing? For us being there was not just to go with the trend or just to see them. But for us, we went there to know more about what we do not know especially about these species and about the ocean because there are things that are yet unseen. This is my top in top 5 Cebu spots.




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