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Tumalog Falls Tour – See the Enchanting Beauty of Tumalog Falls

tumalog falls cebu tour

Tumalog falls

Each country has its own set of special attractions and much more are still being discovered. We all know that along with the other countries, Philippines is waving its natural sceneries and wonders. One of the provinces in the Philippines is Cebu. Cebu is like a paradise of multiple facets. The Southern part of it is a haven of majestic views, beaches and waterfalls which humbly presents the diaphanous curtain falls of the awesome Tumalog falls or also called as “Toslob falls” or “Mag-ambak falls”. The place is an example of a horsetail waterfalls in which the descending water remains in contact with the rock most of the time. The waterfall is like the well-orchestrated melody on its moss-covered bedrock. It is beyond magical. It’s like a forest covered with water falling massively. It is the exaggeration of all waterfalls. The unbelievable grandest of southern Cebu.

No one can express how wonderful it is. Like ur in the middle of the majestic place full of mystery. Imagine a tall wall, consider a hundred meters high with drizzling of cold water cascading downwards forming like fairy dust and perfectly falls into a shallow turquoise pool. How spectacular it is.



The municipality of Oslob is rich and covered with lots of tourist attractions and that includes the Tumalog falls. It is located in Baranggay Luka which is close to the famous whale shark attraction. Nowadays, dropping by at Tumalog falls is becoming a common trend among whale shark visitors after their whale shark experience. It will only take about 2 hours and a half to get close to the area from Cebu City, which is 170 km.

The discovery of the place started back in 2012. Unlike other sceneries, Tumalog falls behold its original and natural beauty way back to the time that attention was not yet fully given to the place. After the announcement of the discovery, a lot of travelers visited the place and humbled themselves as they’ve witnessed the peculiarity of it.They marveled at the awesome sights as they wandered their eyes and captured the moments by their hearts. Today, lots and lots of visitors gathered in the place to see the grandeur beauty of the falls.



Actually, the whole area is being protected from development. The government, as well as the tourism organizations, want to keep it as simple as natural. Meaning that there shall be no unnatural concreted structure close or will surround the falls. The place is enveloped by century-old trees, bamboo trees and other endemic plants that you can see in the area. There is also an assurance of a healing effect from the freshness of water and other elements that environment provides. Those who have witnessed the mesmerizing beauty of that scenery move as one to preserve the simplicity yet mystical, beyond the magical beauty of the falls. Especially that the waterfalls run dry sometimes during the dry season.


World’s views

“A must see falls of Philippines” Travelers considered it as the most beautiful and wonderful waterfall they ever seen personally. It is one of the kind falls due to its unique rock formations. Other may say that the enchanting beauty of Tumalog falls is picturesque and very Instagram-worthy. But as human, as we are, we are limited to describe in understanding the beauty of this nature. Some enthusiasts and observers describe the place as “gossamer” since it creates a silky very light fabric descending down. Others may describe it as “horsetail” due to how the water flows that create like the tail of the horse while some may say it’s like a white curtain. But nevertheless, only you can be able to express the beauty of that natural scenery truly by heart.

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